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“I Love You" (ayóó ánííníshní) Navajo Language Greeting Card, Greeting Card for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Just Because, ILY, Love Notes


This card has a beautiful design of red, pink, and white heart candies/sprinkles with a banner that says Ayóó Ánííníshní on it which means "I Love You" in the Navajo Language. Greeting card is blank on the inside. Perfect to write your own custom message to the recipient. Great to gift to friends, family, sister, mom, husband, daughter/son, grandma, or grandpa. These cards are versatile and great to gift all year long. Add along with a gift or gift basket. Send to all your loved ones!


Available in 1 or 5 quantity packs, choose quantity at checkout.


- 5" x 7" Foldable Greeting Card(s)
- White Envelope(s)

I Love You Ayoo Aniinishnii Navajo Language Greeting Card

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